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We are a boutique dispute resolution law firm dedicated to providing premium service and bespoke solutions to your legal problems.

We are fully committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients, and will devote attention to understand our clients’ needs and objectives. Our structure allows our clients to have easy access to lawyers at every stage, and a high level of lead counsel involvement from the start of the matter.

Whether you are a minority shareholder, a senior executive needing to execute a severance agreement, an employee trapped in a non-compete clause, a spouse enveloped in a contentious matrimonial dispute or a litigant who is tired of paying legal fees for limited results with limited contact with your current lawyer, you can count on us to provide you with the personal attention and high quality work that you deserve. In every case that we take on, we will work together with you to develop the winning strategy to meet your objectives.

Our Services

We offer litigation services for individuals and businesses alike. Each of our clients is equally important to us. We promise premium and effective service while maintaining high ethical standards.

Our lawyers are experienced in representing clients in trial and appellate litigation, as well as in hearings before various specialised and administrative tribunals.

Our major areas of practice include:


ALB’s SE Asia Law Awards 2020

We are pleased to announce that our firm has been recognised in Asian Legal Business (“ALB”) Southeast Asia Law Awards 2020 as one of the rising law firms in South East Asia. ALB reported that 112 law firms in the region had participated with close to 800 submissions for the various award categories.

The ALB Southeast Asia Law Awards recognises the most successful law firms, and highlights the outstanding performance of private practitioners and in-house teams across the Southeast Asia region. 

In an interview with our managing partner Jacqueline Chua, “We are pleased to receive this recognition as it is testatment to the hardwork and dedication that we put into our cases and on our client relationships.  We remain committed to ensuring that clients can always rely on us for our legal expertise and our service standards in client management.  We are grateful for the support from our clients”.

Singapore’s Best Law Firms in 2021

We are humbled to be recognised as one of Singapore's best law firms in the "Singapore's Best Law Firms 2021" list published by The Straits Times in partnership with Statista.

We are grateful for the votes by our clients and peers in the legal industry. Thank you for the unwavering support and confidence that you have placed in us.

We will continue to do our best, and will remain committed to serving our clients with excellence for years to come.


Thank you very much for your great help and support for these months on my divorce case. I feel at ease after this lengthy divorce lawsuit has finally come to an end.

During the time of working on my divorce, I feel grateful towards Jacqueline for providing me the opportunity to speak to her about my family crisis, and the patience to understand the problems I was facing and giving me the confidence that the law firm can perform and expedite my divorce for me. To Liang Zhi, I have hired lawyers before but you are the best I have ever worked with. I am grateful my case has been solved with ease and thanks for your patience, dedication and professionalism service provided. Appreciate the good legal advice provided along the way. To Jessica, you are approachable, nice and always calm my nerves. Once again thank you very much to all of you.

Mr Joe Sim

We were recommended to Jacque Law by our company’s legal attorney. Since then, we have engaged Jacqueline and Kimberly as our attorneys to advise us on more than one matter as they have given us valuable and sound advice on our company’s matters. They have also proven to be effective in getting results. More recently, Kimberly successfully represented us in an employment law matter, for which we obtained a favourable result. We are very satisfied with their legal services, and especially appreciate their dedication to our matters, the professionalism and the high quality of the attorney work delivered.

Prislyn Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Bioskin Holdings Pte Ltd

The firm obtained a highly positive outcome in my maintenance enforcement and child support battle. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome and could not be happier. I strongly believe that it was Jacqueline’s expertise in family and divorce law and her ability to see multiple perspectives of the case that aided the victory in my case.

Mdm E. Choo

We are very pleased with our choice to engage Jacque Law LLC as our company counsel.  Jacqueline and Kimberly are extremely responsive and knowledgeable.  We particularly appreciate the team’s meticulous attention to details and the sound advice rendered to us.  They would provide us with a comprehensive road map outlining the next steps and to suggest commercial minded solutions to our queries.  At all times, we felt assured by their professionalism and their work product. 

Mr Jaydee Lin, Managing Partner of Raffles Family Office

I engaged Jacque Law in a personal matter. I felt very comfortable with them and they were a great help providing me with advice which is both sound and practical. The quality of work and professionalism is not any less than what I have experienced with major law firms. Kimberly’s attention to details and prompt updates also made me feel that I was in a safe pair of hands.

Mr Kelvin Chua

Media Reports

Asian Law Network: Jacqueline Chua, Managing Partner of Jacque Law, speaks to us about medical negligence

Asia Law Network interviews our Managing Director Jacqueline Chua, and learns more about her work in the medical negligence law field and tips she has to share for those considering commencing a medical negligence / malpractice claim.

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Asian Legal Business: State Of The Market 2020

Jacque Law LLC is pleased to have authored the Singapore chapter in the Asian Legal Business Guide to Employment Law in Asia.

We hope the guide will serve as a good starting tool for human resource personnel, business owners and/or in-house counsel as they navigate the often complex and constantly evolving employment laws in Singapore.   If you require more in-depth advice on employment law matters, please feel free to connect with us.

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News Alert: Revocation of errant donee’s powers as a property and affairs donee for her father’s lasting power of attorney

We are pleased to share that our client has won an appeal in the Family Division of the High Court of Singapore in a mental capacity case concerning the circumstances under which a donee’s powers may be revoked under the Mental Capacity Act (“MCA”).

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家事法院新援助平台年底推出后 每年料惠及近400对离异夫妻


家事司法法院发言人回答《联合早报》询问时,提供更多有关诉讼援助平台(Litigation Assist,名称待确定)的详情。

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Asian Legal Business: Protecting Employers from COVID-19 – A Practical Guide

With COVID-19 hitting businesses hard, what options do employers have apart from cutting jobs? While job-cutting may be effective in some cases, it can also severely damage company culture and staff morale and result in irreparable loss of know-how. Employers can instead consider these alternatives...

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Our Articles

Retrenchment – How does it affect child maintenance under the Women’s Charter?

We have seen a rise in numbers of retrenchment and wage cuts, and a corresponding increase in our caseload for applications to vary and reduce maintenance payment obligations. 

In this article, we aim to help you better understand the factors that will be taken into account when determining if a variation should be granted in the event of a party’s retrenchment.

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Child custody during and after divorce – Dangers of parental alienation

If you are newly divorced, undergoing a divorce, or considering separating from your spouse, we understand that this is not an easy time for you. If you and your spouse/former spouse have a child or children together, the situation can be even tougher.

During a time when tension between parents is at its highest and conflict regarding parenting responsibilities and access to children arises, some may worry that the spouse/former spouse may resort to parental alienation in an effort to control and hinder the emotional relationship the children would otherwise forge with them.

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Beware of your narcissistic spouse - 7 tips to divorce a narcissist

The term narcissism is derived from the Greek myth about the self-absorbed Narcissus who was cursed to fall in love with his own reflection in the water. Eventually, Narcissus killed himself over his unrequited love for his own image.

Narcissism can be categorized into two main types — grandiose and vulnerable narcissism. Individuals with the former tend to be charming and outspoken and often take on leadership positions. Famous figures like Donald Trump and Kanye West have been suspected to be grandiose narcissists. Vulnerable narcissists, on the other hand, possess more subtle traits and are usually characterized to be outwardly introverted and frequently shy away from the spotlight.

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Protecting Your Assets In Case Of A Divorce

It is common to see a divorcing couple being unable to agree on how their assets should be split post-marriage, with differing accounts on how big-ticket items were financed before and during the marriage. This results in long, drawn-out court cases over the division of matrimonial assets, bringing much unhappiness to both parties and the people around them.  

In this article, we aim to give an insight as to how both parties’ assets are split and divided post-marriage.

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The Dummy's Guide To Making A Lasting Power of Attorney

What is an LPA? A Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) is a legal instrument which allows a person who is at least 21 years of age (the “Donor”) to voluntarily appoint one or more persons (the “Donee(s)”) to make decisions and act on his/her behalf should he/she lose mental capacity one day.

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