Engaged Jacque Law for my divorce matter, and from the first phone call to consultation, I know I made the right decision. 

Special thanks to Jacq and Liang Zhi for professionally and patiently guiding me through the entire process, from providing sound and practical advice to explaining the potential outcome. And also they were very efficient; from doing up the documentation to filing everything was done within a month, and most importantly, they are very transparent about their costs. 

I highly recommend Jacq and her team to whoever seeking legal representation, especially with complicated issues. 

Fang Wei

Jac and her team conducted workplace sensitivity training for our APAC HQ in Singapore. I cannot thank Jacque Law enough for all their help with this workshop. Even though this was a small project and Jac had a full court schedule that week, Jac and her team continued to be responsive, proactive, and a pleasure to deal with throughout the engagement. The workshop conducted by Jac was very informative, humourous, and received glowing reviews all round; I particularly liked how she managed to keep the atmosphere light even though we were discussing workplace issues with serious legal consequences. Jac’s subject-matter experience, professionalism and service-oriented attitude were exactly what we were seeking when chose to work with a boutique law firm on this project. I look forward to continuing the relationship with Jacque Law for years to come. 

Sheryl Lee, Legal Counsel – APAC, Blue Prism Group PLC

Jacque Law represented us in a lawsuit against a relative who we believed had acted against the interest of another and in violation of various local laws. It was a complex situation with an opposing party who had taken great efforts to cover her tracks and case-build prior to her actions being discovered. The case also involved control over a business. That party was also represented by a senior partner of a large law firm.  

We faced an uphill battle, but Jacqueline was able to fully comprehend the family dynamics and business issues to size up our situation and propose a viable strategy for a winnable case. Her strategy, deep understanding/experience of various legislation and court processes, and her adept handling of the hearings, brought us a favourable court verdict, against the odds. We had initially engaged one of the largest law firms to represent us but felt after a few months that they had not taken enough efforts to understand the complexity of the case and had been repeatedly outwitted by the opposing firm. Switching to Jacque Law was the best decision we made. She turned the case around and gave us reasons to be optimistic about the outcome. She was always a few steps ahead of the opposition and never wavered in her commitment to help us obtain a just outcome.  

In the court room, Jacqueline was tenacious, smart and unbeatable. She out-researched, out-played, and out-witted the opposing counsel and witnesses, and was tremendously successful in exposing falsehoods and presenting a truthful picture of events in the court. Jacqueline worked tirelessly for our cause, including advising us over weekends and late nights. She has been our staunch advocate, ally, supporter and friend.  

Mr Chiang CF

Jacqueline represents me in a highly acrimonious and drawn-out divorce. What impressed me most was Jacqueline’s ability to balance my plight with the legal issues it came with. She provided an empathetic understanding of the human considerations in this very personal matter. With the help and support of her team, she was able to fully tease out the issues and help me think through what my best position was, as well as offer well-validated guidance on the law. This really helped me to pick my battles and manage my expectations.  

Divorces can end up being adversarial, and mine was especially acrimonious. I was very impressed with Jacqueline’s ability to come up with creative solutions to resolve deadlocks as well as reduce the tension in the process. Her advice and support have made a huge difference during a very difficult personal situation. I would strongly recommend her firm, Jacque Law LLC, to anyone who needs legal counsel on matrimonial matters.   

Mr Cheah

Jacque Law represents us in a High Court suit for damages in respect of a traffic accident which occurred in 2017. Jacqueline helms the team and is supported by her two Associates, Liang Zhi and Kimberly. We decided to switch lawyers in the middle of our case and are glad that we made the decision. Jacqueline and her team went beyond the call of duty in the leadup to the trial for liability in November 2019. Besides working long hours, they were always contactable and responded to our many queries, despite us living overseas. At the trial for liability, Jacqueline was resolute and determined in getting the best possible outcome for us. Despite coming up against lawyers from a large global firm specializing in motor accident claims, she managed to get a positive outcome for us, where the High Court held that we were only 10% liable for the accident, which was the lowest ever percentage given to a cyclist in a road traffic accident. We have complete faith in Jacqueline and her team as the matter goes into the Assessment of Damages stage. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you. 

Mr Hodgson

I was referred to Jacqueline via a friend of a friend following a road traffic accident where my husband was seriously injured. Despite not having done a personal injury case before, Jacqueline is very experienced in medical negligence claims and after we had met with her, we felt that she would be very capable of handling our case.

We met with a couple of very experienced personal injury lawyers and we felt that they were more factories, churning out case after case and didn’t really have a good feeling about them. We preferred to use a reputable lawyer, that might not have had experience in these type of claims, but cared about us and the outcome not just to be seen as another case number.

What should have been a very simple personal injury claim turned into a 3 year battle involving 2 trials in High Court due to the defendant denying all liability and not making any attempt to settle out of Court at all.

Following such a serious accident, and significant injuries from my husband, it was a torturous and mentally draining process for us and a lengthy legal battle was not something that helped us. We had no idea what to expect, but Jacqueline and her team really helped us throughout the whole thing, explaining each step of the way in detail so that we knew what was happening.

Whilst we’ve never had the need for a lawyer before, what I really feel makes Jacque Law stand out is the personal touch that we got throughout everything. At such a difficult time for us, Jacqueline and the team really got personally involved and we were never fobbed off, we always got one on one focus and attention with the team working through the night at times to meet extremely tight deadlines.

At our first trial at High Court was to determine liability we got a 90/10 verdict in our favour, as well as being awarded costs at that juncture, which is extremely unusual in a personal injury case.

We ended up having to go back to High Court again for an assessment of damages trial. Due to Covid-19 this was delayed until Jacqueline managed to get us a court date in August 2020. This gave us extremely tight deadlines to get affidavits from 6 different witnesses, some based overseas, but with the hard work and dedication of Jacqueline & Liang Zhi, we managed to get everything done in time.

As we had overseas witnesses and with the Covid pandemic, we had to arrange for these 3 witnesses to give evidence via Zoom, which added additional complexities.

Our assessment of damages trial took place in High Court over a 4 day period and we don't get our verdict until October. Whatever the outcome, I wanted to write this review for Jacqueline and the team before the verdict comes out, because no matter what the outcome, I cannot speak highly enough of them.

Jacqueline has a knack of choosing the most amazing team. Shannon was incredible, she may still be in training but I absolutely loved her energy and enthusiasm. She was always there to pick you up when you felt a bit down and her kind nature really shines through. She is going to make a fantastic lawyer once she fully qualifies. Liang Zhi came onto the case just after our first trial ended and he picked up all the information and got to understand everything about the case in a very short space of time. He was fantastic at putting everything together, working throughout the night to meet our tight deadlines, and even being in Court with us the day before his wedding! We can never thank Jacqueline, Shannon & Liang Zhi enough for everything they have done.

I also have to add that throughout the course of the 3 years, Jacque Law has not received 1 cent of payment due to the law in personal injury cases. Which makes the dedication from them even more incredible. Hopefully one day this will change so that victims are able to get access to the best lawyers to take on their cases. We were extremely fortunate to have found Jacqueline.

Whatever the outcome, I know that we couldn’t have asked for anything more and I am eternally grateful for that.

Mrs Hodgson