We engaged Jacque Law LLC to advise us on various commercial and corporate related matters. Jacqueline and Mao Lin gave sound and practical advice to guide us throughout the entire process. Jacqueline understands the nature of our business. In giving advice, she considers both the legal aspects as well as what makes commercial sense for the business and that is very helpful to our business team leaders. Jacqueline and her team routinely runs the extra mile for us and are always professional and very responsive. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Eunice Hooi - Director, Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte Ltd

I was named as the executor in my late uncle’s will and needed to find an estate lawyer to assist with obtaining the Grant of Probate for my late uncle’s estate. I was recommended to Jacque Law by my relative – who used Jacque Law for his estate planning and preparation of his will. The probate process was a hassle free experience for me. The Grant of Probate was extracted quickly within a month and their rates were reasonable.

Mdm Bai

When I first filed for a contested divorce, I was represented by another divorce lawyer. I went through the first round of the family court mediation process and felt that I was not getting the guidance and advice I required on the divorce process. I was asking for child maintenance, alimony and my fair share of the matrimonial home. However, I felt I was always on the defensive and my then lawyer did not appear to be advancing my needs. It was a stressful period for me as I often had to worry about the progress of my divorce proceedings. A friend of mine then recommended Jacqueline to me for a second opinion as Jacqueline was assisting her with her child custody and maintenance case in the family courts. Initially, I only wanted to seek a second legal opinion to see how I can improve my position, however, after my first consultation with Jacqueline and Wei Chiat, I was impressed with their strategy and their knowledge of family law. I felt that my needs were put first and they were approachable and reassured all my doubts. I made a decision for Jacque Law to represent me in my divorce – a decision which I did not regret. Eventually, I managed to achieve a settlement of the divorce case with my ex-husband, and I am pleased with the outcome and very satisfied with the legal advice I received.

Zoe Lim

My sons and I would like to express our most sincere gratitude to Jacqueline and Jerold, following the successful outcome you have achieved for me through negotiations and mediation, hence concluding our medical negligence law suit filed against a local hospital.

Through these months, we have always felt assured that our legal case was in good hands. You have been very patient with us and our questions as laymen, and explained your rationale and actions to us. We were confident that we have made the best, informed decisions in this case, guided by your advice and expertise.

I would like to say I appreciate all that has been done. Thank you!

Mrs Kwan

I engaged Jacqueline for a potential medical negligence matter, which was resolved through mediation.

Jacqueline was very empathetic towards my predicament and transparent with her legal advice. Her team was stellar as well; responsive, detailed and thorough.

Thank you to you and your team for your help! Your kindness and informality took the pressure off a stressful situation, which was immensely helpful for me.

Ms JY Tan

Excellent service, Jacqueline and Maolin are patient and very professional. I engaged the law firm to advise and represent me as my attorneys in a medical negligence law suit. Both of them guided me and my husband throughout the whole legal process which lasted more than a year. During this time, they were able to explain to us all our queries and we felt assured with their guidance and advice. Will highly recommend others who require legal services to them.

Mdm C. Chong

I was referred to Jacque Law while I was already in the midst of my divorce proceedings.

At that juncture, I needed a 2nd legal opinion to assess the salient points of my case and the possible fair outcome if I went to court versus what was put forth by my spouse by way of his proposal for settlement during mediation.

Jacqueline took on this request despite the time urgency and provided me with her professional assessment.

The professional assessment helped me decide that I need to move beyond mediation as it was clear that the divorce proposal was unreasonable and there was no chance of a fair outcome for the asset division and maintenance issues.

The almost 2 years divorce proceedings in family court is a highly emotional & draining process and I am beyond grateful that the whole engagement was professional yet not lacking in the human touch.

Really appreciate the patience, empathy & thoughtfulness from Jacqueline and Kimberly throughout.

Equally impressive was their ability to breakdown the complexity of the case and put forth the pertinent arguments to support our position which eventually led to a positive outcome for me & the children.

Having a genuine passion to protect & optimize the client’s interest is what set Jacque Law apart! Highly recommended for anyone needing practical & fair legal advice for matrimonial and family matters.

Ms Ong

I was referred to the law firm by a close friend of mine after an incident happened which led to me wanting a divorce. I am writing this to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the legal advice and support given during the last 7 months. It had been a really tough period for me, so I am really glad to have solid advice from them relating to the children access issues and the division of the financial assets. I also appreciated the patience and the humane touch given to me during this divorce journey where I was at my most vulnerable.

Thanks for listening to my complaints and enduring the nonsense from my ex-husband. I am glad the divorce has been completed and I can now move on.

While I do not wish for others to be divorced, I definitely will recommend the firm to anyone who requires your service in divorce law and family matters.

Ms Lim

任何法律官司不仅耗费耗时,也与此同时对于个人意志极具考验,毕竟谁也很难笃定能打赢官司并获得到合理的赔偿额。从2019年10月面谈直到2022年7月初获得医疗疏失法律官司赔偿,这一路走来,由衷感谢Jacqueline 及她团队的协助。

由于官司牵涉大医院,要找到愿意接下案子的律师确实不多。庆幸机缘巧合之下找到贵法律事务所。在还未约见之前,我已见了无数律师。原本濒临放弃的我在见到Jacqueline 之后,顿时看到一线曙光。



Any legal lawsuit is not only time-consuming, but also extremely testing on the will of the individual, after all, it is a difficult process for anyone to win the lawsuit and obtain a reasonable amount of compensation. From the initial meeting in October 2019 until the conclusion of the medical negligence lawsuit in early July 2022, I sincerely thank Jacqueline and her team for their assistance and professionalism along the way.

Because the medical lawsuit involves a large hospital, there are not many lawyers who are willing to take the case. Fortunately, by chance, I found your law firm. Before I met Jacqueline, I had met with numerous lawyers but did not feel comfortable with them. When I was on the verge of giving up, I saw a glimmer of light when I saw Jacqueline.

If you are looking for the right lawyer / attorney to serve you, if you are eager for someone to do justice for you, or if you feel that your willpower is running out, I recommend that you seriously consider this law firm. Jacqueline, who has litigated against hospitals and doctors before, will be able to provide you with valuable advice and improve your chances.

No one wants to go to court, but if necessary, finding a reliable firm can definitely ease your mental load. Legal battles and lawsuits can be a long and arduous process, and finding a lawyer worthy of help will make you pay more attention to your recovery process!

Vincent Lim (林志伟)

I was having an estate inheritance dispute within the family over the interpretation and execution of my grandmother’s will.

This was a very stressful period for me. I did my own research for lawyers who are experienced in contested probate matters in Singapore, and found the firm. I am very appreciative of the service that Jacque Law has provided me. Thank you for all of your help in assisting me on this matter and for bringing closure to what could potentially be a very nasty situation. I am happy with the outcome reached and am glad that the estate dispute was resolved without needing to go to the family courts.

Mr Hu

As we had a potential medical legal dispute, we were looking for a medical law firm and were referred to Jacque Law. Our matter has now been resolved amicably, and we are very pleased with our choice of lawyers. Jacqueline and Kimberly are extremely responsive and are experts in this field whose wisdom and sound advice allowed us to resolve our medical legal case very quickly and on favourable terms. They are clear in their advice and approach. At all times, we felt assured by their professionalism and work product. They were always attentive and supportive in catering to our needs. They were also understanding of our situation and helped us by working with our considerations of what best strategies and approaches to take that would best resolve our issues we faced with our doctor. Thank you once again.

Mr and Mrs Biesek

Thank you very much for your great help and support for these months on my divorce case. I feel at ease after this lengthy divorce lawsuit has finally come to an end.

During the time of working on my divorce, I feel grateful towards Jacqueline for providing me the opportunity to speak to her about my family crisis, and the patience to understand the problems I was facing and giving me the confidence that the law firm can perform and expedite my divorce for me. To Liang Zhi, I have hired lawyers before but you are the best I have ever worked with. I am grateful my case has been solved with ease and thanks for your patience, dedication and professionalism service provided. Appreciate the good legal advice provided along the way. To Jessica, you are approachable, nice and always calm my nerves. Once again thank you very much to all of you.

Mr Joe Sim

We were recommended to Jacque Law by our company’s legal attorney. Since then, we have engaged Jacqueline and Kimberly as our attorneys to advise us on more than one matter as they have given us valuable and sound advice on our company’s matters. They have also proven to be effective in getting results. More recently, Kimberly successfully represented us in an employment law matter, for which we obtained a favourable result. We are very satisfied with their legal services, and especially appreciate their dedication to our matters, the professionalism and the high quality of the attorney work delivered.

Prislyn Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Bioskin Holdings Pte Ltd

The firm obtained a highly positive outcome in my maintenance enforcement and child support battle. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome and could not be happier. I strongly believe that it was Jacqueline’s expertise in family and divorce law and her ability to see multiple perspectives of the case that aided the victory in my case.

I was referred to Jacqueline by a friend and upon first contact I sense that Jacqueline was a practical and assertive individual. In my subsequent encounters, Jacqueline’s compassion and heart for family justice also shown through.

Even though Jacqueline had many cases to deal with, she always responded promptly and thoughtfully to my queries and concerns. She was always ready with practical and strategic advice and support.

I also believe it was Liangzhi’s attention to detail and meticulous review of the evidence submitted that helped to surface salient arguments for the case. It was also both Jacqueline and Liangzhi’s empathy for my situation that has contributed to them being able to fight the case to ensure the best interests of my children were covered.

I thank them both for defending my children’s interests and for helping me to get back the maintenance arrears that the ex owed for almost one year.

I strongly recommend Jacque Law LLC to anyone who needs assertive and fair legal advice and representation on family court and divorce matters.

Mdm E. Choo

We are very pleased with our choice to engage Jacque Law LLC as our company counsel. Jacqueline and Kimberly are extremely responsive and knowledgeable. We particularly appreciate the team’s meticulous attention to details and the sound advice rendered to us. They would provide us with a comprehensive road map outlining the next steps and to suggest commercial minded solutions to our queries. At all times, we felt assured by their professionalism and their work product.

Mr Jaydee Lin, Managing Partner of Raffles Family Office

I engaged Jacque Law in a personal matter. I felt very comfortable with them and they were a great help providing me with advice which is both sound and practical. The quality of work and professionalism is not any less than what I have experienced with major law firms. Kimberly’s attention to details and prompt updates also made me feel that I was in a safe pair of hands.

Mr Kelvin Chua

Jacqueline represented me in an extremely contentious matrimonial proceedings, involving cross border international divorce and child relocation issues as my ex husband was a foreigner. After going through rounds of mediation and hearings at the Family Courts over two years, I obtained a highly positive outcome in my custody battle. Jacqueline helped me in achieving this through her expertise in this area, her incredible work ethics and her uncompromising professionalism both in and out of court. I was most impressed by her ability to balance a very strong grasp of the legal issues with empathy towards my situation. Even though she had many cases to deal with, she always responded promptly and thoughtfully to my queries and concerns and provided me with strategic advice and support. She always guided me patiently on what the Family Court is likely to rule, go through with me the laws under the Women’s Charter and helped me to identify the areas where we ought to settle in mediation and the issues we should fight. Although my dealings with her as my divorce attorney has always been professional, she always makes me feel like a friend after each and every call or meeting with her. I would strongly recommend Jacqueline to anyone who needs legal advice and representation on family court matters.

Ms Lee XL

Engaged Jacque Law for my divorce matter, and from the first phone call to consultation, I know I made the right decision. 

Special thanks to Jacq and Liang Zhi for professionally and patiently guiding me through the entire process, from providing sound and practical advice to explaining the potential outcome. And also they were very efficient; from doing up the documentation to filing everything was done within a month, and most importantly, they are very transparent about their costs. 

I highly recommend Jacq and her team to whoever seeking legal representation, especially with complicated issues. 

Fang Wei

Jac and her team conducted workplace sensitivity training for our APAC HQ in Singapore. I cannot thank Jacque Law enough for all their help with this workshop. Even though this was a small project and Jac had a full court schedule that week, Jac and her team continued to be responsive, proactive, and a pleasure to deal with throughout the engagement. The workshop conducted by Jac was very informative, humourous, and received glowing reviews all round; I particularly liked how she managed to keep the atmosphere light even though we were discussing workplace issues with serious legal consequences. Jac’s subject-matter experience, professionalism and service-oriented attitude were exactly what we were seeking when chose to work with a boutique law firm on this project. I look forward to continuing the relationship with Jacque Law for years to come. 

Sheryl Lee, Legal Counsel – APAC, Blue Prism Group PLC

Jacque Law represented us in a lawsuit against a relative who we believed had acted against the interest of another and in violation of various local laws. It was a complex situation with an opposing party who had taken great efforts to cover her tracks and case-build prior to her actions being discovered. The case also involved control over a business. That party was also represented by a senior partner of a large law firm.  

We faced an uphill battle, but Jacqueline was able to fully comprehend the family dynamics and business issues to size up our situation and propose a viable strategy for a winnable case. Her strategy, deep understanding/experience of various legislation and court processes, and her adept handling of the hearings, brought us a favourable court verdict, against the odds. We had initially engaged one of the largest law firms to represent us but felt after a few months that they had not taken enough efforts to understand the complexity of the case and had been repeatedly outwitted by the opposing firm. Switching to Jacque Law was the best decision we made. She turned the case around and gave us reasons to be optimistic about the outcome. She was always a few steps ahead of the opposition and never wavered in her commitment to help us obtain a just outcome.  

In the court room, Jacqueline was tenacious, smart and unbeatable. She out-researched, out-played, and out-witted the opposing counsel and witnesses, and was tremendously successful in exposing falsehoods and presenting a truthful picture of events in the court. Jacqueline worked tirelessly for our cause, including advising us over weekends and late nights. She has been our staunch advocate, ally, supporter and friend.  

Mr Chiang CF

Jacqueline represents me in a highly acrimonious and drawn-out divorce. What impressed me most was Jacqueline’s ability to balance my plight with the legal issues it came with. She provided an empathetic understanding of the human considerations in this very personal matter. With the help and support of her team, she was able to fully tease out the issues and help me think through what my best position was, as well as offer well-validated guidance on the law. This really helped me to pick my battles and manage my expectations.  

Divorces can end up being adversarial, and mine was especially acrimonious. I was very impressed with Jacqueline’s ability to come up with creative solutions to resolve deadlocks as well as reduce the tension in the process. Her advice and support have made a huge difference during a very difficult personal situation. I would strongly recommend her firm, Jacque Law LLC, to anyone who needs legal counsel on matrimonial matters.   

Mr Cheah