Family and Matrimonial Law

We pride ourselves on quality work and achieving positive and highly satisfactory outcomes for our client, by paying attention to our client’s individual needs and circumstances, advising them on the options available to them and the strategic steps to take in order to achieve the results they desire.

We understand that divorce and other family law issues may often be fraught with tension, but our experience allows us to handle these often complex and delicate matters in order to minimise stress and strain on the families. Where children issues are concerned, we believe the best way forward is for parties to reach an outcome that is in the best interest of the child.

Apart from children issues, another area that is often hotly disputed is the division of assets. Representing high net worth individuals requires sophisticated financial understanding and in-depth knowledge of the law, as often, assets are a big concern in a divorce. Clients have relied on us to assist them in conducting forensic investigations on their spouse, which may include examining company and bank accounts in detail in order to uncover assets that may have been disposed of or funnelled away prior to a divorce, so that they can be distributed fairly in the financial dispute surrounding a divorce.