Government, Regulatory and Investigations Practice

Our Government, Regulatory and Investigations Practice group is well equipped to represent businesses and individuals who are facing criminal and regulatory investigations, including white collar crimes; breach of fiduciary duties; and securities regulatory related offences.

In order for us to be effective, we take time to learn our clients’ business model, and we help clients to devise and implement appropriate internal compliance and safeguards protocols in order to minimise risk and to reduce regulatory exposure.

When allegations of misconduct are made, our knowledge and experience allows us to conduct a swift and comprehensive internal investigation, advice the company on various complex investigative issues that can arise, including breaches of regulatory provisions, confidentiality and data protection, and to defend the company if charges are brought against the company at the regulatory, trial and appeal stages.

Given our specialised understanding of managing crisis situations, our clients have relied on us to manage and minimise their reputational and institutional risks. From offering prompt and appropriate internal measures to be taken, to managing the dissemination of information to third parties, we work closely with our clients and provide support to them in managing their crisis situation and to minimise risks to corporation reputation and/or exposure to collateral civil litigation.