We are a dispute-resolution focused firm. Our clients include multinational companies, leading businesses, professionals, and high net worth individuals. They all expect and rely on the individual personal service and high level of expertise for which we are known.

We believe in delivering excellent quality work, and to value add to our clients at every stage of the matter. As such, while some law firms work on volume, we are selective in whom we choose to represent and believe in offering bespoke solutions for each and every client of ours, and in the client experience that we offer to our client. Each interaction with us is on the same high level of commitment from us throughout the matter. We do not believe in using template documents, and all our documents are specially curated to each client’s specific circumstances and demands.

While we believe that there can be win-win in reaching an amicable resolution of the matter, we believe that the best results for our clients are achieved (whether through negotiations, formal mediation or trial) when the lawyers are fully prepared from the get-go to bring the matter all the way to trial. Our focus on being ever ready for trial drives us to successful and more cost-efficient results for our clients as critical issues are identified early, and strategic steps are taken to maximise the advantage for clients whether through the negotiation or the litigation process.